Wowspace is a union of four passionate designers from Borneo, based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. Established in 2016, Wowspace puts forward a fun, unique and vibrant style that sets itself apart from the norm. Punchy and modern, their eye for the quirky and playful side of design is a cumulation of years learning the craft and experimenting with various aspects of design.


Offering services in architecture, interior design, and hospitality for their clients, Wowspace have taken on a number of ambitious projects ranging from offices spaces to cafés to apartments and even convenience stores. The practical knowledge gained from these projects have served the company well, translating to their understanding of the wants and needs of clients on and off the field.  


The journey for Wowspace started when they delved into the world of short-term stays to cater to Sabah’s vibrant tourism market. This experience enabled them to creatively explore the possibilities of design and understand the workings of hospitality and the service sector. In a world gearing more toward digitalisation, we believe the personal touch of hospitality is something technology simply cannot replicate. Wowspace has since evolved to recently include boutique hotels into their diverse portfolio, in the form of The Atelier – a themed hotel with a unique concept to wow the visitors.