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Fish Market Restaurant is the first Steam Hot Pot restaurant in Kota Kinabalu. The interior design is inspired by the gorgeous rainforests, natural ecosystem, sandy beaches, beautiful reefs and diverse culture of Sabah. It is an almost universally human experience to find, not only great beauty but great solace in nature. The most unique space would be the spiral staircase in Fish Market Restaurant. It is designed to mimic on the shape of chambered nautilus shell that can be found in the Celebes Sea in Borneo. The dark green marble steps symbolizes the sea and the forest, merging together forms a beautiful emerald hue. As you walk up, you’re surrounded by the serenity of treading a sandy beach on the wall, where it can relate to the beautiful sea shores of Sabah. Upon arriving to the top, you’ll be getting closer to the dark coloured ceiling with curvature which is inspired by the mysterious enigmatic feeling as we explore the dark caves which are one of the natural wonders of Sabah. The juxtaposition of a solid marble green material with a visually light oak material creates a unique relationship between the two materials. Leather elements were also introduced to add aesthetic quality and to increase its durability. We incorporated a mezzanine floor that was extended in the building structure. We consider the key elements for space planning such as function, physical limitations, furniture selection, size and flow for the space. Besides excellent and comfortable dining experience for the patrons, we want to create the maximum functional space for both the restaurant and kitchen crews. Walls and ceiling were finished with Vasari’s lime paint which is a mineral paint made with natural lime and marble dust. It's environmentally friendly, healthy, and its qualities will improve with time. The wall panels and built-in furnitures we made from KD’s decorative plywood overlaid with real wood veneer which it’s raw material come from sustainable, well managed forests from around the world.

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